The fast train to Venice

This train goes 300km an hour! We boarded the train in Rome and got off in Venice. It is 525km and only took 3 hours. There was a TV on board which had shows but they were in Italian. Luckily they played the Larvae show we like. There was also a carriage to buy some lunch. 

Rome, Italy

The flight from Dubai to Rome took 6 hours. We caught a train from the airport to the city and walked to our friend’s house in the middle of Rome. We could see the Colosseum from their balcony! The city is very old and we saw lots of rubbish on the street. There are about 3 million people who live in Rome so maybe that might have something to do with it? The apartment we stayed in had very thick walls and paintings on the ceiling. Dad’s friend told us that it was built in the 1800s. We thought it needed new paint but Mum said it amazing because was very old and had a lot of history.

Leaving Auckland

This photo shows us at Auckland Airport about to jump on an airplane to Rome, Italy via Dubai in the UAE.

Our friends and family came to the airport to say goodbye. We were a bit sad but also very excited!

Our flight left at 8.30pm so we got to have dinner on the plane and then we could choose a movie to watch. There was so many movies to choose from! We watched Jumanji II and Peter Rabbit. There were also video games to play, the radio to listen to and we were given a special kids flight pack with colouring pencils and activities to do.

The first leg of our journey took 17 hours and even though we slept on the aeroplane, we were very tired when we reached Dubai. We had a breakfast at the Dubai airport and a quick look around before getting on the next plane for Rome.

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