Trieste to Umag

First we had to check out of Italy. We took our passports and boat documents to the police station to say we were leaving Italy. Then we left San Giusto marina and put up the sails. We sailed past Sardinia. It took us 8 hours to get to Croatia. We had to check in at Umag. We pulled up on the coastguard dock and took our passports and documents again. First we spoke to the police then we had to see Harbour Master. Once formalities were done we could go. We anchored in Dalja just south of Umag for the night. It was beautiful and we all had a swim before bed.

Grado, Italy

Grado was a really cool old city. We took the tender through the canals into the town centre and tied it up while we had a look around. Lots of.lovely old buildings and Mum wanted to see the old church where they had mosiac tile on the floor. Apparently its quite rare. You had to pay to go to the beach which was very strange.

Quick car trip to Croatia

We hired a car and drove from Trieste to Croatia to pick up our stays today. It only took half a day! We drove through some old towns and got stuck on some really narrow streets. Eventually we made it to the rigging shop and got the stays. We drove back to the boat at San Giusto Marina. We helped Dad put on the side stays. The forestay was a bit more tricky because we had to take the furling unit off first. It eas so old that the wire had corroded onto the forestay. It took Dad the whole of the next day to sort out the forestay.

Trieste, Italy

We spent 3 nights at Marina San Giusto in the middle of Trieste. Our registration papers arrived from New Zealand so now we can leave Italy and start cruising. We went out on our tender to watch the Iron Maiden concert one night. It was amazing. We had the Italian police boat come right up to us and shine thier big spotlight on our boat. It was a bit scary!

Portopiccolo, Sistiana

We spent the night in a very posh marina surrounded by super yachts. We were a bit worried about a storm that was forecast to hit the area and our anchorage was quite exposed. Turns out the weather behaved and we could have stayed out. Intwresting to see the brand new.facilities though

Sistiana, Italy

Here white cliffs fall straight to the sea and apparently a restless ghost haunts the area. We anchored directly under Duino Castle which has a tower dating back to the 16th century and rests on a 2000 year old foundation. Impressive! We saw Peregrine falcons and Mum saw a turtle. We had fun swimming and checked out the pebble beach below the castle.

Our first trip on the new boat

We left Marina Planais on the 5th of July. We were so excited to be out of the marina and on the water! We had taken the tender out the day before to explore up the river and had to paddle back because we ran out of fuel! We all had a turn driving the boat and then we found somewhere to anchor in the lagoon. It was very shallow so we had to keep an eye on the depth. Mum steered the boat ehile we helped Dad set the anchor. Then we swam and swam. There was lots of jelly fish. We went to bed late and there was a big thunderstorm with lots of lightening. Dad downloaded an app on his phone to let us know if the anchor dragged. It was windy and there was lots of tide so the alarm kept sounding.

Problem solved!

It was bound to happen. After being so careful not to lose it for the past 2 weeks, Harry managed to lock the toilet key in the bathroom. Lucky we have 3 resourceful boys who used their best Italian to tell the marina office the situation and get the key back. Phew!

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