We had a great time in Sukosan. We watched the TP52s from the sailors lounge at the marina. We explored the village and did lots of swimming at the beaches. We watched Avatar one night with Croation subtitles – we counted 23 ads each ad break. There were a lot. On Friday night the Croation team won the football and there was fireworks and music all night! It was obviously a big deal. We explored the local Spar supermarket. Mum found sauerkraut and lots of dried fish. There is not a lot of bread and cereal like in New Zealand or Australia. No weet bix or vegemite either!We are back on the bus today. Zadar to Zagreb whuch is the Croatian capital. Then back to Italy. We are all super keen to get back to Andromede so we can prepare her for water at the end of the month!

Sunny Sukosan

Yesterday was a big day. We caught the train from San Giorgio di Nogaro Trieste. We then got on a bus. We crossed the border from Italy to Slovenia and then from Slovenia into Croatia.

At the Croation border they stopped the bus and border control boarded. They took our Australian passports away and put a stamp on them. They didn’t take Dad or Mum’s because they have British passports.

When we arrived in Rijeka we had to change our euros for Croatian kuna. They charge us 3 kuna to use the toilet in Croatia. Sometimes Mum can’t find the 3 kuna quick enough for us and we have to do the pee dance! Mum doesn’t like having to pay to use the bathroom. She says its a basic human right and should be free.

When we arrived in Zadar our Airbnb host picked us up from the train station and took us to our apartment. She is very nice and speaks english very well. She told us that everyone in Croatia learns English in Primary school. She taught us a few Croatian words and we taught her some Maori words!

We went shopping and saw lots of dried fish in packets. Harry wanted to buy them but Dad said no.

Today we got to go swimming. It was so hot and the water was lovely and cool. We got to see the TP52 racing boats and the sailors. It was very busy.

Lots of work to do

We have been really busy this last week with getting the boat ready. We have cleaned our rooms and the galley and all the other parts of the boat. The previous owner left all of his fishing gear for us and his tools for Dad. It was heaps of fun finding lots of new stuff to play with.We are still on the hard stand in the Marina as we are still waiting for a few parts to arrive. Dad ordered a new main and jib halyard which arrived today which he was pretty happy about.It is very hot here. It gets hotter than Cairns but not as humid. There are also lots of mozzies so we have to put fly screens on the hatches in the afternoon.We are going to visit Croatia on the bus tomorrow. We will be staying in a place called Sukosan which is near Zadar for 5 days. We don’t really want to leave our boat but Mum and Dad said it’s better than waiting around at the boat yard.In Italy they use euros and cents but in Croatia they have the croation kuna. A kuna is worth 100 lipa. Apparently the word kuna originates from an animal called a marten (or kuna) which they used to trade it’s pelts a long time ago. Lipa is a type of time tree which grows there.

Leaving San Giorgio di Nogaro hotel

We had a fabulous stay at San Giorgio di Nogaro Hotel. It was only a 10 minute walk from the train station and about an hour’s train ride from Venice. Best of all it was a 10 minute taxi ride to our new boat Andromede. The staff at the hotel were so lovely. The boys really enjoyed the spa bath after some big days spent exploring Italy via the train network. They even gave us a couple of bottles of the local vino for Mum and Dad to celebrate once we make it back to New Zealand!


Our boat is a Catana 42s designed by Loch Crowther. It was built in 1990. Her name is Andromede which is french for Andromeda. Andromeda is from Greek mythologhy. She was a beautiful woman who was sacrificed to a sea serpent but was rescued by Perseus. Dad said all boats are girls because they look after us. Andromede is a bit old and Mum and Dad need to do a lot of work but we love her! We have our own bedroom each. The bedroom is called a “bunk”. We have our own toilet and shower called the “head”. Actually we have 2 because Ayden’s bunk has it’s own private head. The bunks are cosy and you have to climb up to sleep on them. We also have a hatch in our room which we like to use instead of our door. Mum and Dad have their own bunk in the starboard hull. It is near the navigation station. The navigation station is where the controls are for Andromede. We have a large saloon area with a couch and a galley for cooking our dinner.

Venice, Italy

Venice is a very old city built on the Venetian Lagoon. It is sometimes referred to as the “City of Bridges” as there are not roads only waterways known as canals. If you don’t want to walk, you can get around on a water taxi or a gondola. There are 270,000 people who live in the historical town centre. It was a lot bigger than we thought it would be and very interesting! We caught the train from San Giorgio di Nogaro to Venice which took 1 hour. On the way home we took the wrong train! We sorted it out in the end but it took us 3 hours to get back to the hotel!!

San Giorgio Di Nogaro

We are staying in the small village (comune) of San Giorgio Di Nogaro located about 50km north west of Trieste. It has a population of about 7,000 people and is quiet and rural. We are trying to learn some Italian words so that we can talk to the locals.

The catamaran we are hoping to purchase is located in the Marina about 10 minutes drive away. The marine surveyor and Shayne are inspecting the boat today. We shall know by this afternoon whether we own a 42ft sailing boat!

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