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Villasimius, Sardinia

We sailed Paikea from Kefalonia to Sardinia in 5 days. It was over 600nm with our only stop being Isola de Ustica off the north west coast of Sicily. We had a great passage and Paikea was traveling in her favourite conditions so it was a comfortable ride for all on board. We arrived in Villasimius just in time to watch the GC32 racing which was so cool. We even got to have a ride on one which was amazing. 

The boys have been perfecting their fishing skills too. Nothing big enough for the dinner table but we remain hopeful!

Kefalonia, Greece

We had a narrow weather window to make the dash from Greece to Italy today. We anchored in the bay in Argostoli the night before ready to resupply and check out first thing this morning. Unfortunately this is cruising and things never go to plan. We managed to check out of Kefalonia with the Coast Guard and were directed to the Customs office to be cleared to leave. However after knocking on several doors we were informed by a very cranky coast guard official that Customs is not open on Sundays and to come back tomorrow! Which now means we have to wait until Thursday for the next weather opportunity to make the crossing.

Cruising also involves being flexible and making the most of the situation so being stuck in Argostoli may not be all bad. We have a heap of electrical installation work to do on Paikea. We purchased a new solar panel and solar controller in Lefkas which we need to install. We managed to sort out our main issue of power consumption which was an uninsulated fridge while we were in Lefkas. 8 cans of expanding foam and 3 days later, we can now successfully manage to keep our fridge cold enough for the milk and cheese.

Now that we are not hemorrhaging amps (only money) we can look at increasing our power supply.

The first step is to clear out the rats nest of wires that are currently clogging up our precious storage space.

As you can see, it is quite a daunting task. This picture is of only one locker.

We need to install our new solar controller (the previous controller is now too small for our bigger solar panel arrangement). Once that is completed we can wire up all 3 solar panels into the system.

Next will be our two isolator switches which will isolate the engine start batteries from our house batteries. This means that we will no longer have to remember to turn the engine batteries on and off. It also means that our new solar contoller unit will top up our engine batteries automatically once our house batteries are fully charged.

Here is our new solar charge controller

Fin Whale

We found this bone on display at the dock in Argostoli, Kefalonia. It is the first vertebrate of a Fin Whale and they are found in the Mediterranean Sea. Fin whales are the second largest species on Earth after the Blue Whale.

They can get up to 27m in length. This bone was found lying on the ocean floor by the local glass bottom boat tour company. The species is endangered.

Meganisi, Greece

Yesterday a storm hit. We dragged anchor really fast. Dad said to pull on the anchor so we don’t run aground but it was no use. The anchor just dragged and dragged. It was really scary. The rudder touched the bottom of the sea bed. Dad got the stern line wrapped around the propeller and had to cut the rope. He went full steam on the port side so the rudder could get off the rocks. There was a lot of thrust coming out the stern of the boat. We managed to get off the rocks. We lowered the tender in the water to get the stern lines. I had to hold the tender so it didn’t hit the rocks aswell. When Mum and I got back, we pulled up the tender and anchored Paikea in another bay where there was more protection from the wind.

By Harry

The Blue Caves

This is the Blue Cave. Pretty amazing right? It is much different under water. The rocks are so big that it looks like we are small.

On the next picture there is bones but they are actually crystals!

I tried to get some crystals from the rocks by climbing but I couldn’t because it was too strong.

By Oliver

Yacht A

At the old castle in Corfu we ran into this. This is Yacth A the biggest private owned sailing yacht in the world. It cost $400 million to build and has Russian owners It is 142.81 metres in length, it’s tallest mast 91 metres high, it’s weight is 12,700 tonnes , it has a small room in the biggest mast, and it has a glass bottom in the keel. Yacht A can sail at 21 knots. We couldn’t see any anchor chain so we are not sure if it has one or it’s engines just hold station. Uncle Andrew says it has 4 tenders that were all build in New Zealand.

By Ayden

Trieste to Umag

First we had to check out of Italy. We took our passports and boat documents to the police station to say we were leaving Italy. Then we left San Giusto marina and put up the sails. We sailed past Sardinia. It took us 8 hours to get to Croatia. We had to check in at Umag. We pulled up on the coastguard dock and took our passports and documents again. First we spoke to the police then we had to see Harbour Master. Once formalities were done we could go. We anchored in Dalja just south of Umag for the night. It was beautiful and we all had a swim before bed.

Grado, Italy

Grado was a really cool old city. We took the tender through the canals into the town centre and tied it up while we had a look around. Lots of.lovely old buildings and Mum wanted to see the old church where they had mosiac tile on the floor. Apparently its quite rare. You had to pay to go to the beach which was very strange.